The sphere of influence created by Stalin and Churchill lasted about 40 years

In October 1944 at Moscow secret meeting Stalin and Churchill defined some post World War II sphere of influence. The sphere of influence secret deal was kept for many years. Here it is:

  • Romania: Soviet Union 90%, Allies 10%;
  • Bulgaria: Soviet Union 80%, Allies 20%;
  • Hungary: Soviet Union 80%, Allies 20%;
  • Yugoslavia: Soviet Union 50%, Allies 50%;
  • Greece: Soviet Union 10%, Allies 90%.

The Churchill' deal was: no access to the Mediterranean See for Soviet Union other than through the Turkish straits.

The fate of Poland, Czechoslovakia and Germany were defined later.

The Churchill' determination to keep these sphere of influence blocked the Soviet Union access to the Mediterranean See for the price of the political domination and conversion to socialism of the most countries from Eastern to Central Europe.

From Romanian point of view the Churchill' deal was a terrible mistake.

After World War II and during the Cold War, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world were said to lie under the Soviet Union influence.

Western Europe, Oceania, Japan, and South Korea were often said to lie under the United States influence.

Churchill Stalin and Roosvelt summit

Red Army occupied Romania for 20 years

Romania under the USSR' domination became a colony and a satellite state. The Soviet Union had cultural, economic, military and undisputed political control over Eastern Europe until 1989.

Romania was a too small nation to have a say at the end of the World War II. The Romanian attempted secret negotiations in Finland and Portugal for a separate surrender to Great Britain' parachute commando to avoid surrender to the Soviet Union altogether were unsuccessful because the secret deals with Stalin had been already in progress.

I believe at Reykjavik at Island meeting, Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev had a good conversation about the 80's sphere of influence.

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